On the 8th Innabuyog Congress

Warm greetings of solidarity is extended by the International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) to all the participants of the 8th Innabuyog Congress this 27th of November held in Bontoc, Mountain Province!

With this year’s congress theme, “Women resist tyranny! Consolidate further our ranks to defend land, life, and dignity!” the alliance of organizations have truly lived up to their name “Innabuyog,” which means collectively helping each other, and raised it to the timely challenges of resource plunder, militarization, and fascism being faced by the indigenous peoples and women sectors under the current regime.

The International IPMSDL recognizes the vital role of women, as bearer of life and spring of immense sacrifices for their family and community. And as indigenous women, they are at the forefront for the continuance and survival of traditions, culture and indigenous practices. Also, the rich militant history of Cordillera women, their victories from standing up against imperialist capture of ancestral lands, and against state-sponsored fascism under a dictatorship, is a lesson for all generations.

For many years, Innabuyog has championed the rights of women and indigenous peoples against violence and discrimination, for their protection and recognition, and for collectively empowering every women to stand up for their rights. Yet the current crises and challenges call on the women to further strengthen their ranks, and to unite with the greater masses and other oppressed sectors so that they can sharpen and raise their struggles to defeat all forms of attacks on people’s democratic rights by the state and imperialist powers.

Under the current Duterte administration, the resurgence of the horrors of grave human rights violations during Martial Law yet again victimized indigenous women, including Innabuyog members, and leaders. This desperation to silence the critical voices of indigenous women against anti-people policies, and the denial of women’s participation further downplays the role of indigenous women in achieving genuine peace and progress.

The International IPMSDL believes that Innabuyog is capable of taking on the challenge of forwarding the struggle for self-determination and liberation, as they continues their work in organizing, research, education and training, mass campaigns and mobilizations to build the women’s movement and solidarity. Let the power of your resolute principles and unity inspire all indigenous peoples, women’s organizations, rights defenders, and people’s movements in their relentless defense of ancestral land, life, resources, and dignity!


Beverly Longid, Global Coordinator | info@ipmsdl.org