On NPMHR’s 40th year and the Naga Peoples Struggle for Human Rights and Self-determination

The International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) salutes the  struggle of the Naga people and the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) for self-determination, liberation and human rights as it celebrates its foundation in September 1978. The NPMHR has always been a strong partner of International IPMSDL and several peoples movements on the campaigns forwarding the rights of the Naga people, majority of which are part of the 27 tribes that compose the indigenous peoples of the mountain ranges of Nagaland.

The history of continuous resistance of Naga people from the attacks of British imperialist conquest of their lands to the continuing discrimination and offensives of Government of India is an inspiration to the indigenous peoples and oppressed sectors in South Asia and in the whole world.

Nagaland’s rich natural resources, forests and biodiversity, minerals and natural energy has been continuously enjoyed and exhausted by foreign powers and state, while the people remain impoverished of basic social services. In addition, current human rights violations by the paramilitary and state administration, brutal military atrocities and murders, systematic violence through denial of basic social services and civil freedoms, and culture of impunity continue to plague the Naga people.

Through all these, NPMHR unwaveringly forwards the rights of Naga peoples on several platforms, multi-level dialogues and engagements to resolutely echo the cry of Naga people of a free and peaceful Nagaland. On its 40th years, the IPMSDL stands with NPMHR as it reiterates the importance of their united struggle in achieving every Naga peoples basic rights to live, to work, to freely perform one’s indigenous practices, to decide and determine the development and progress on their own, to stop all political and military attacks in achieving democratic and civil rights, and to craft a future of just peace.


Reference: Beverly Longid, Global Coordinator, info@ipmsdl.org



Neingulo Krome, Secretary General

As the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) commemorates the 40 years of its struggle against the occupation of thier lands and the restorations of their human rights, based on the universal belief that; “violation of human rights in any part of the world is a threat to the human race as a whole and that protection and promotion of human rights anywhere is a concern of all”, once again re-iterates our commitments to its 11- Point of Declaration, on this day the 9th of September 2018, as stated that;

Mankind has made history through the struggle for freedom from exploitation and subjugation. And history of the Naga people has taught us that there are forces both inside and outside the society collaborating in strangulating social progress.

Our people have seen economic exploitation, political and military domination social suppression with the imposition of alien cultural and legal systems and the distortion of their history.

In the light of these experiences, the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights takes upon itself the task of initiating organized struggle for achieving the following;

To ensure and safeguard:
1. the right to life;
2. the right to work;
3. the right to live together as a people and the unification of all Naga Lands;
4. the right to hold and communicate one’s beliefs;
5. the freedom of movement, assembly and association;
6. free access to all place of learning;
7. maximum participation of the people in the making of decisions affecting their lives;
8. freedom from socio-economic exploitation. Political domination and military repression;
9. against anti-democratic practices and the dismantling of institutions and social values which legitimize and perpetuate these within our society;
10. against the practices of arbitrary arrest, detention, torture and execution, and the use of unconventional weapons;
11. against the imposition of undesirable alien legal systems and socio-cultural concepts and ways of life.

And whereas, ever since, British colonizers intruded into our land and dissected and fragmented our land and people for their mere administrative conveniences for several decades, which the Indian occupational forces took over on their departure, through plunder and atrocities, the very basic right to life and to live together as a people were denied. These were followed by systematic anti-democratic practices and the dismantling of our traditional institutions and social values with the imposition of undesirable alien legal systems and socio-cultural concepts and ways of life.

And whereas, rape, torture, public execution, mass killings, concentration camps, desecration of religious places, burning of villages, forced labour, burying and burning of people alive, waging war on school children, arrest without warrant, search without warrant, frisk people anywhere and everywhere, raid houses, etc. etc. with full impunity under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958, failed to demoralize the Naga resistant movement into submission to occupational forces.

And therefore, the Government of India started initiating “Ceasefires” and “Peace Talks” with leaders of the Naga Political Movements, once in the past with the Federal Government of Nagaland in 1964 and which they gradually unilaterally abrogated when it suited them (GoI). Over the course of time, when the Naga Political Movement has gained enough momentum up to the various international levels, the Government of India again sought for Ceasefires and Peace Talks, which was entered into with the NSCN –IM in 1997 and followed by another truce with the NSCN – K in 2001 and others which were formed in due course of time.

Notwithstanding all the agonies of the past nor the hopes of the future, NPMHR takes this moment in time, on the occasion of the 40 Years of human rights movement across the length and breath of the Naga-lands, to say that, Freedom, Justice and Peace are the inherent rights of every peoples, and that Nagas are not by any standard lesser people. We also impress upon the people of India to recognize our rights as much as we respect their rights. And to our fellow Nagas, that to enjoy these rights, the peoples ourselves, must know and have the courage to live independently and exist fearlessly as one people without expecting other people or alien rulers to “gift us our rights.”



“À propos de la 40e année de la NPMHR et de la lutte du peuple naga pour les droits de la personne et l’autodétermination”

Le Mouvement international des peuples autochtones pour l’autodétermination et la libération (IPMSDL) salue la lutte du peuple naga et du Mouvement du peuple naga pour les droits de l’homme (NPMHR) pour l’autodétermination, la libération et les droits humains alors qu’il célèbre sa création en septembre 1978. La NPMHR a toujours été un partenaire fort de l’IPMSDL international et de plusieurs mouvements populaires dans les campagnes de promotion des droits du peuple naga, dont la majorité fait partie des 27 tribus qui composent les peuples autochtones des montagnes du Nagaland.

L’histoire de la résistance continue du peuple naga depuis les attaques de la conquête impérialiste britannique de ses terres jusqu’à la discrimination et aux offensives continues du gouvernement indien est une inspiration pour les peuples indigènes et les secteurs opprimés en Asie du Sud et dans le monde entier.

Les riches ressources naturelles, les forêts et la biodiversité, les minéraux et l’énergie naturelle du Nagaland ont été continuellement exploités et épuisés par les puissances étrangères et l’État, tandis que la population reste appauvrie des services sociaux de base. En outre, les violations actuelles des droits de l’homme par les paramilitaires et l’administration de l’État, les atrocités et les meurtres militaires brutaux, la violence systématique par le déni des services sociaux de base et des libertés civiles, et la culture de l’impunité continuent de sévir au peuple naga.

Par tous ces moyens, la NPMHR défend sans relâche les droits des peuples naga sur plusieurs plateformes, dialogues à plusieurs niveaux et engagements pour faire résolument écho au cri du peuple naga d’un Nagaland libre et pacifique. Au cours de ses 40 années d’existence, l’IPMSDL se tient aux côtés de la NPMHR et réitère l’importance de leur lutte commune pour réaliser les droits fondamentaux de chaque peuple naga à vivre, à travailler, à exercer librement ses pratiques indigènes, à décider et à déterminer le développement et le progrès par eux-mêmes, à arrêter toute attaque politique et militaire pour réaliser les droits démocratiques et civils, et pour construire un futur de paix juste.

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“Sobre el 40º aniversario de la NPMHR y la lucha del pueblo naga por los derechos humanos y la autodeterminación”

El Movimiento Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas por la Autodeterminación y la Liberación (IPMSDL) saluda la lucha del pueblo Naga y el Movimiento de los Pueblos Naga por los Derechos Humanos (NPMHR) por la autodeterminación, la liberación y los derechos humanos cuando celebra su fundación en septiembre de 1978. La NPMHR siempre ha sido un fuerte aliado de la IPMSDL Internacional y de varios movimientos populares en las campañas de promoción de los derechos del pueblo Naga, la mayoría de los cuales son parte de las 27 tribus que componen los pueblos indígenas de las cordilleras de Nagaland.

La historia de la continua resistencia del pueblo naga, desde los ataques de la conquista imperialista británica de sus tierras hasta las continuas discriminaciones y ofensivas del Gobierno de la India, es una inspiración para los pueblos indígenas y los sectores oprimidos en el sur de Asia y en todo el mundo.

Los ricos recursos naturales de Nagaland, los bosques y la biodiversidad, los minerales y la energía natural han sido continuamente disfrutados y agotados por las potencias extranjeras y el Estado, mientras que la población sigue empobrecida de los servicios sociales básicos. Además, las actuales violaciones de los derechos humanos por parte de los paramilitares y la administración del Estado, las atrocidades y asesinatos militares brutales, la violencia sistemática mediante la denegación de los servicios sociales básicos y las libertades civiles, y la cultura de la impunidad siguen asolando al pueblo naga.

A través de todo esto, la NPMHR promueve sin descanso los derechos de los pueblos naga en varias plataformas, diálogos a varios niveles y compromisos para hacer eco resueltamente del grito del pueblo naga de un Nagaland libre y pacífico. En sus 40 años de existencia, la IPMSDL se une a la NPMHR para reiterar la importancia de su lucha unida en la realización de los derechos básicos de todos los pueblos naga a vivir, trabajar, realizar libremente sus prácticas indígenas, decidir y determinar el desarrollo y el progreso por sí mismos, detener todos los ataques políticos y militares para lograr los derechos democráticos y civiles, y construir un futuro de paz justa.

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