Nagaland: Time-tested attitude: an unwavering reality

In the backdrop of ongoing Ceasefire agreements and political negotiations that different Naga political organizations have entered into with the Government of India, and the various efforts of Reconciliation amongst the Naga political groups in particular, and so also with the silent efforts to reconcile with our past history of human sufferings, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights have been making its own effort to stay away from provocative issues and elements. However, the constant recurrence of acts with utter disregards for human life where Nagas are concerned, at the hands of Indian military personnel, one is left with choice but to express its resentments with pain and anger.

Amongst many others, we had the recent killings by Indian soldiers, who are supposed to be know all over the world “for their excellent behavior and discipline” (sic), of two young school Children now known as the infamous “Wuzu Firing”. In the past too, in the same district of Phek, we had the 14 Assam Rifles waging war on school children at Bible Hill Phek town for speaking in English while coming from school through the main road that passes through their camp, which was established after the Reverend in Charge of the Bible Hill was buried alive.

Last month, on the 23rd of June 2016, right in the heart of India, the world’s biggest democracy, at Bareilly in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, a young Naga boy in his 20s, in the person of Vezota Vasa, who was enlisted and serving as an Indian Sepoy of the Jat Regiment was murdered by his own camp-mates by all indications and evidences that the family has revealed through the media and to the various authorities in their search for truth and justice, in a situation where the family was not allowed even to see the whole body, Post-mortem carried out in the absence of the family, body cleaned in the absence of the family prior to the agreed time of cleaning etc.

Besides so many other incidences, both reported and un-reported, the Indian army continues to bulldoze and bully the Naga population through checking and frisking, raid houses, arrests people, even enforce liquor prohibition on highways etc. all under the protection of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, and side by side, conduct tours, contribute computers worth measly amounts and pose for photographs, conduct medical camps, all for cheap publicity and to say that they are the “friends of the hill people”.

All this actions and behavior are time-tested and nothing new to the Nagas and this are unwavering realities, which will be repeated again and again. NPMHR calls upon the Government of India to recall its military from all Naga areas for the sake of humanity.

Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR)
21 July 2016