IPMSDL Solidarity Message to the three Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Days

15 April 2015

Solidarity Message

The Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) extends its warmest greetings of solidarity to the Indigenous Peoples (IP) and their advocates in the Philippines as they gather for three events on April 16 to 25: in Occidental Mindoro for the Mangyan Day; in Davao City for Dumalongdong Mindanaw; and in the five provinces of the Cordillera for the Cordillera Day.

We are one with you in celebrating your victories and achievements, in paying tribute to our heroes and in forging stronger unity for the defense of land and resources, and for genuine self-determination and freedom.

The Mangyan communities of Mindoro — Hanunoo, Alangan, Gubatnon, Iraya, Buhid, Bangon, and Tadyawan – with a rich cultural heritage including the “Surat Mangyan” recognized by the United Nations as part of the “Memories of the World” is presently in danger of being buried by large foreign mining companies.

In Mindanao, the Lumads are under intensified attack by environmental plunder, exploitation of energy resources, militarization, and human rights violations.

In the Cordilleras, Indigenous Peoples confront similar issues. Lands and resources are plundered through large and destructive mining, capitalist energy projects, the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and imperialist control in agriculture.

In subservience to imperialist dictates, the Philippine government has long allowed the entry and operations of foreign large corporations. This has caused the forced displacement of indigenous communities, irreparable damage to the environment, and a string of grave human rights violations including massacres, extrajudicial killings, and other violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

You are not alone in your struggles. Indigenous Peoples also confront these issues in Asia and other parts of the world. Hence, we are one in your struggle and fully support the building of grassroots solidarity in your activities.

The IPMSDL, enjoins all Indigenous Peoples’ communities to heighten the struggle to protect our ancestral lands, life and culture; and advocates and international supporters to strengthen their solidarity in this struggle. Let us persevere in building our organizations and enhance our capacity to arouse, organize and mobilize. Let us expand our organizations and linkages to other platforms with similar objectives. Let us build higher unity to resist the ravages of imperialism and local reaction. Together, we emerge victorious in our struggles. Mabuhay!

Stop large scale mining explorations and applications!
Stop militarization of Indigenous Peoples communities!
Defend our land and national patrimony!
Assert our right to self-determination and national sovereignty!
Long live International solidarity!

Beverly L. Longid
IPMSDL Coordinator