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The 9th of August is the UN-declared (1994) International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. On this day and days before and after, the Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) shall launch its Global Days of Action for Self-Determination. Join us in our actions. Together let us create a resounding voice – “We are Indigenous Peoples. We have Rights. We Resist.”

In different parts of the world, in exercise of self-determination, indigenous peoples rise and unite to defend and assert their rights from the remote villages to the city streets to the Courts and halls of governments and States, at the gates of TNCs/MNCs and the United Nations. These includes, indigenous peoples in Alaska, Canada and Nigeria fight the destructive activities of Shell (Royal Dutch/Shell Group). The peoples and the government of Ecuador’s ‘Chevron’s Dirty Hands’ campaign exposed the damage caused by the company.  Protests intensify with the setting-up of tribal blockades against numerous dams in Sarawak, Malaysia. In the Philippines, affected communities including indigenous peoples dismantle structures and equipment of large-scale mining companies. In Canada, the First Nations lead the Idle No More to protect Treaty rights, native sovereignty and demand environmental justice. Similar assertions occur in many other indigenous communities. Despite militarization, killings and disappearances of native activists that occur with impunity, indigenous peoples heighten their collective resistance.

The Global Days of Action all over by indigenous peoples shall be a celebration of victories in the struggle for Land, Self-Determination, and Justice, a forging of greater unity between and among indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, and a renewal of commitment to defend rights and for self-determination.

This is also part of the Days of Action for Development Justice (

Wherever you are, you can do:

Speak Out: organize and join mobilizations, rallies, marches, torch parades, and the like.

Teach-ins: conduct education and information events on the situation, rights, struggles of indigenous peoples and their alternatives; issue statements, media releases, posters and other propaganda.

Exposure: visit indigenous communities or evacuation centers of militarized villages, experience and learn their daily life and culture; be in solidarity in the barricades, blockades against mines, dams and plantations.

Exchange: arrange cultural gatherings to share the indigenous traditions, and music, songs, dances depicting the struggles and aspirations of indigenous peoples.

Social Networks: flood the sites with statements, declarations, articles and pictures of indigenous resistance, and messages of support to indigenous peoples’ struggles.

Alternatives: popularize and promote self-determination and liberation against capitalist greed and profit, development justice for indigenous peoples. (

Share and coordinate your action with the Indigenous Peoples’ Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation. Email us at –


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